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My all star team of professionals and I have over 20 years of experience creating, planning, producing and managing hundreds of successful large and small scale events in South Florida. We specialize in creating memorable community building public events like festivals and parades, profitable non-profit fundraising events like galas and marathons and all kinds of corporate events like multi-day conferences and trade shows too!

If you’re planning your first event and don’t know where to start, or you’re a seasoned event professional who would love getting some work off your plate, or you & your team want to delegate your entire event from start to finish so you can focus on the bigger picture … you can count on Marly Q. to get your massive TO-DO list, TA-DONE!

How Can Marly Q. Help You?

  • Turnkey Event Creation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Logistics
  • Venue
  • Vendors
  • Program/Timeline
  • Production
  • Site Plans
  • Entertainment
  • Exhibitors
  • Sponsor Activations
  • Registration/Check In
  • Staffing/Team Assignments
  • … and (so much) more!

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You may want to cry and get that overwhelming feeling after your successful event, but not during the planning process! So many of our clients have said ” I didn’t know how badly we needed Marly Q. and her team, until we hired them!” That’s because, before working with us, they were used to doing it all while drowning in an ocean of to-do’s; just swimming and swimming but secretly wishing they found land and were DONE … before the event even starts! Sound familiar?  

We know there’s nothing worse than that feeling! I’ve been there so you can trust me when I say that after two decades, we’ve mastered the “SMARTEST” way to plan any kind of event! In fact, we even created a Quick Guide outlining our streamlined and proven 8 step planning formula and we offer One-on-One “SMARTEST” planning sessions too – book yours today! 

If you’re feeling stressed or stuck planning a first year event or are simply burning out from too many events, Marly Q. is here for you! Let my team and I be the spark that ignites positivity, productivity & peace of mind so that you & your team can SHINE before, during and after your event! 

Working with Marly Q. LLC guarantees you’ll have ME + THE BEST TEAM of event professionals supporting you and carefully managing every aspect from set-up to clean-up, so you can just show up and actually enjoy and be present for the event you’ve created. Imagine that! 

Let’s Get To Work

The “SMARTEST” Way to Plan Your Event!

One-on-One Virtual Event Planning Workshop

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Alex Markel

Executive Director, Junior Orange Bowl

Marly Q.’s vast experience as an Event Producer & Emcee have elevated the professionalism of our 70 year old event and tradition in South Florida. The Junior Orange Bowl Parade has benefitted from her skills, enthusiasm and dedication to our community. We’re so grateful!

Raul Mas

B2B Developer, US Army Veteran

Marly Q. is an outstanding event planner and fundraiser and she executes her events with precision and style. I have her seen her work up close and she is terrific. Hire her with confidence…and prepare to be amazed.

Michelle Villalobos

Founder, Women’s Success Summit

Marly Q. is not an event planner. She’s a CEO – Chief Event Officer! You can count on her to be on top of every detail and 100% present during your event. When the inevitable happens and something doesn’t go as planned, she’ll be on top of it to solve it – without breaking a sweat – or your audience noticing!

Marly Q. Workshops

5K PARK Fest 2016 – ABUNDANCE Recap Video

Marly QMAP (Quick Master Action Plan)™ | Testimonials

Marly QMAP (Quick Master Action Plan)™ | Testimonials