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B.E.S.T. Way to Stress Less

Kindness and Empathy are not only the goodness of human nature but also the great leadership quality. Learn and develop the foundation of kindness in life with this detailed course.

Kind Yoga for Beginners Marly Q Course


Make yoga a part of your life for physical and mental well-being. Yoga can make a huge difference not only on your flexiblity but also on your stress management capacity; resulting in better productivity and problem solving approach.

Meditation Made Simple

Guided Mindful Meditation

MarlyQ - Guided Mindful Meditation

  1. MarlyQ - Guided Mindful Meditation

Be the friend of Mental Peace by learning Meditation. A perfect way to make your mind instantly calm, peaceful and balanced. Learn to stop overthinking and develop a strong focus and stillness of your chain of thoughts.



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M.A.N. Kind Summit Replays

Watch M.A.N. Kind  Summit webinar and training videos on demand. Attend the summit virtually and explore all the essential elements of Kindness Development with the expert speakers.