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Be gone boring powerpoints & handouts! I create one-of-a-kind classes, workshops & retreats that leave people smiling, energized & actually grateful they attended! We both know there are a plethora of professional trainers and coaches out there. What strongly sets me apart is that I’m an event creator who brings a fusion of mindfulness & yoga practices into my proprietary workshop curriculum. Not only do I create programs that will focus on getting your message and goal across, I get to know you & your team before hand! This allows me to design an experience and create a safe environment that better helps your workforce genuinely connect with themselves and each other so they can focus on the content with positive energy to learn and grow – together! ​

If you’re a CEO, small business owner, human resource professional, development director or leader wanting to elevate your events or work culture by educating & empowering your team, then Marly Q. is here for you!

Get ready to experience an immediate (and lasting!) spark of positivity & productivity at work! They’ll ThankQ for it… I promise.

What Kind of Workshops?​

In-Person Small or Large Groups & Events

  • Strategic Planning & Goal Achievement
  • Time & Productivity
  • Appreciation & Recognition
  • Team Building & Cooperation
  • Morale & Engagement
  • Communication
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops
  • Event Planning Workshops
  • Fundraising Workshops
  • Weekend Team Retreats
  • …and more!

What Kind of Yoga Classes?

Virtual or In-Person Small or Large Groups & Events

  • Kind Yoga for Beginners
  • Breathing & Meditation
  • Stress Relief & Mindfulness
  • Self-Kindness & Gratitude
  • Aromatherapy & Thai Massage
  • Office Yoga / Yoga at Work
  • … and more

Marly Q. Teaching Service Fee starts at $500+

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You can now book a private virtual class with Marly Q. in the comfort of your own home!

You can book Marly Q. for a virtual one-on-one private or small group yoga class with family or friends in the comfort of your home.
This 1 Hour class will include a qu…

Marly Q Yoga Class – Small Group



Jessica Hierrezuelo

Senior Vice President, Envision Healthcare

SHE MAKES YOUR JOB EASIER! It’s key to invest in your teams and Marly Q. provides education, inspiration & practical tools to empower your leadership! I hIghly recommend her workshops to all!

Myra Martinez

Founder, R STARS Project

I fundraised over $5,000 in 6 weeks, which is more than I’ve ever raised! Marly Q. MAP was a simple and achievable way to make it happen & kept me focused & accountable to reaching my goal. As a coach, Marly Q. keeps it real & knows just what to say to ensure you stay on track!

David Yglesias

Founder, Energy Yoga & Wellness Center

As a yoga teacher, Marly Q. makes this challenging world we live in a better place by planting seeds of kindness and gratitude in the hearts of all who experience her classes, workshops and retreats.

Marly Q. Workshops

Marly QMAP (Quick Master Action Plan)™ Workshop | Testimonials

Marly QMAP (Quick Master Action Plan)™ | Testimonials

Marly QMAP (Quick Master Action Plan)™ | Testimonials