Welcome PARKer, I’m Marly Q.

If you’re making time to be kind with me right now, I know one thing about you …

You’re a person who Performs Acts of Random Kindness and that makes you … a PARKer!

Perhaps, it’s the only thing you need to know about me too! and well, one more thing …

I LOVE acronyms!

In fact, I’ve been called a serial acronymist (as in someone who creates and uses way too many acronyms) so you’ll want to listen closely and maybe even have a pen and paper handy because you’ll be speaking my lingo in no time!
This blog & podcast was created for YOU and all PARKers who are using their superpower of kindness in small and big ways to make the world a better place every day!

And just in case you don’t believe you’re a PARKer (yet) … stay with me … my goal is that this podcast will inspire you to become one, in no time! 🙂

Here’s my promise to you … if you make Time to be Kind with me, every Wednesday, my intention is for each episode to inspire and ignite your superpower of kindness by sharing personal stories, insightful interviews and valuable tips to enrich EVERY area of your lIfe with the currency of kindness.

My mission is simply to be the spark that inspires you to PARK because I believe that together, we can create a World where Everyone Performs Acts of Random Kindness.

I just dropped two more acronyms on you & our hashtag for the movement so remember it … #wePARK We Perform Acts of Random Kindness!

Because you see, it’s not up to ME to change the world … it’s up to WE and the innate power we all have to be the spark of kindness no matter who you are, where you were born, how old you are, how much money, education or resources you think you have or don’t have.

After dedicating over a decade of my life to being the spark through public speaking, teaching and creating hundreds of philanthropic events in South Florida, this podcast is my next humble (yet boldest) attempt to create the kind of ripple effect I believe our world desperately needs.

Why boldest? Because this has been a calling that I ignored and put away on my shelf for about 3 years before I worked up the courage to get started.

I could give you a dozen reasons :: ahem :: excuses why, but the bottom line is, I was scared.

I was paralyzed by self-doubt and anxiety and overwhelmed by perhaps the biggest lie most of us tell ourselves … “I don’t have time” … can you relate?

Well, I finally decided that TIME is no longer an excuse for not following my heart’s desire …

TIME became another acronym that I secretly baked into the title of this podcast …

This Is My Experience.

Because if it’s ONE thing my life has taught me time and time again it’s this …

There’s ALWAYS TIME to be kind to ourselves, each other and the world.

We just have to make the TIME. This Is My Experience.

“no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” –

To be clear this isn’t a podcast where I’m just going to share my favorite acronyms and quotes (although, fair warning … I most certainly will)

But I’m not here to simply preach the PHILOSOPHY of kindness. I’m more interested in learning the SCIENCE of kindness and more importantly in sharing how we can make the PRACTICE of Kindness part of our daily lifestyle and culture as ONE manKIND.

Because I firmly believe that kindness has the power to transform our inner world, outer world and the WHOLE WORLD … when wePARK together!

This is why I’m so excited that you’re here and am looking forward to being on this journey!

If you’re ready to become an “official” PARKer and join our growing community of people who Perform Acts of Random Kindness worldwide .. then WELCOME to my Kind Qrew!

It’s super Quick and Free to join visit www.marlyQ.com/kindqrew

While you’re there, if you want to learn more about me, check out my About page which also has a link to my Tedx Talk titled “Kindness is your Superpower”. 🙂

ThankQ for making the time to connect with me and listening to this welcome episode!

If you haven’t already, please Subscribe so you don’t miss the latest episodes and feel free to be the spark and share with a friend who would love to make more time to be kind too!

You see how easy it is to be a PARKer? You’re a natural!

Kindest hugs,

Marly Q.

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