Inspiring People to PARK
Perform Acts of Random Kindness

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Hi, I’m Marly Q!

My mission is to be the spark that inspires people to
PARK (Perform Acts of Random Kindness)

As an inspirational speaker, teacher, and event creator,
my goal is to ignite meaningful connections & infuse
everything I do with the currency of kindness.

Get Access to my FREE
5-minute Guided Meditation

Calm your thoughts and center yourself. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an expert, this guided meditation will help you disconnect from the stress and challenges you’re facing and give you a renewed sense of peace.

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Join our Kind Qrew

Learn to be Kind to YOU! (Yourself – Others – Universe)

We’re a community of amazing people that meet once a month in a 90-minute virtual event where you can expect:

  • An environment where your mind can settle
  • A place to reconnect with yourself and others
  • A container for personal, professional, and spiritual growth
  • A community of likeminded people that will hold you accountable to your self-care goals

Count on an inspiring, refreshing, and FUN event you can look forward to once a month!

Kind Qrew Is For You IF You Want To …

✓ Have more awareness, presence, and peace of mind
✓ Experience more joy, happiness, and gratitude
✓ Be more present with your family
✓ Be more focused and productive
✓ Be calmer and in control during a crisis
✓ Know how to re-connect, center, and ground yourself
✓ Master slowing down your “non-stop train of thought”
✓ Be more kind to your mind, body, and spirit


Whether you need a speaker or an emcee, having 20+ years of event experience means, I’ll be the spark that connects, engages and gives your audience an experience they won’t ever forget!

I’m passionate about personal growth and development. Whether it’s teaching yoga classes, corporate or nonprofit workshops, my goal is always to help people connect and grow.


With a team that’s been creating one-of-a-kind event experiences for two decades, you can count on us to help you plan, activate and delegate a successful event!



As the Emcee of our largest event of the year, Marly Q. kept the energy high & her enthusiasm was contagious! She’s exactly what you need to keep your audience excited & invested throughout! We couldn’t be happier with how everything came out.

Lourdes Hilliard, Esq.

Founder, Young Entrepreneurs Showcase

I’ve been practicing yoga for 30+ years & Marly Q’s classes are consistently refreshing & rejuvenating. She teaches us how to live with compassion & kindness while sharing real-life, honest stories that we can all relate to.

Dr. Heidi von Harscher

Ombudsman, FIU College of Medicine

My advice? Hire Marly Q. & her team for your large or small-scale events! They infuse consistent positive energy & give you peace of mind that every detail is being attended to before, during, and after your event. Your team will SHINE!

Carla Hill

Director, South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center