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Leave Work Stress
At Your Desk in
5-Minutes or Less

A short Guided Meditation to help you
refresh and reset from your busy day!

Learn How To Relieve
Stress and Worry!

From the moment I started meditating, I noticed myself happier, more present and energized. Then I found that meditation will:

• Reduce stress
• Banish anxiety
• Give you relief from your worries
• Calm your thoughts
• Help you feel centered and grounded
• Give you a renewed sense of peace!

This Guided Meditation is
Perfect for Beginners or Experts

Relax & Refresh with my
FREE 5-Minute
Guided Meditation

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This is Perfect
If You’re…

• A Busy Professional or Business Owner
• A Team Leader
• Overwhelmed with Tasks & Responsibilities
• A Stay-at-Home Parent
• A Caregiver
• Constantly Stressed
• Battling Anxiety or Depression

Why a Guided Meditation?

When you look up “types of meditation”, you’ll notice the results will overwhelm you. This practice is believed to have been around since 5000 BCE, so there’s quite a variety to choose from.

Avoid all that wasted time and trouble and start your self-care journey with ME in this Guided Mindful Meditation where we’ll:

• Focus on your breath
• Keep your mind from wandering
• Listen to a soothing natural soundscape
• Emerce ourselves in beautiful music

Relax & Refresh with my
FREE 5-Minute
Guided Meditation

Meditation Changed My Life
and it Can Change Yours Too

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In 2013, I fell in love with Yoga- so much so that I became a certified instructor. It was through yoga that I found meditation, a practice I never thought I could enjoy because of my busy brain. 

Then I noticed something amazing; I started feeling less stress and anxiety almost immediately. I knew that would happen but I didn’t expect it so quickly. But what really surprised me was feeling massive relief from my debilitating migraines.

At first, I didn’t know where to start. There were so many different types of meditation and every time I’d try one, I had no idea if I was even doing it right. My mind would constantly wander, chasing every single obscure thought that would pop up. 

That process was arduous and pretty discouraging to the point I almost quit. That was until I discovered guided meditation- the music was relaxing and the person’s voice helped me keep my mind on track.

My Inspiration for this Guided Meditation

I created this guided meditation to help people just like you regardless of whether you’re a beginner or seasoned veteran. I wanted to combine the sounds of nature and people with beautiful music to create a soothing soundscape that will help you relax and reset. My goal is to guide you through the best parts of meditation while reducing the challenges. 

I know this is a very special recording that will help you start your journey to your mind’s healthy healing process. Together, we can set a path to a better tomorrow.

Relax & Refresh with my
FREE 5-Minute
Guided Meditation

Benefits of Meditaion

✓ Reduces Stress
✓ Reduces Anxiety Levels
✓ Improves Sleep Quality
✓ Improves Concentration and Focus
✓ Alleviates Pain
✓ Enhances Mental Health
✓ Generates Empathy and Kindness

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What I Did to
Live My Best Life

I used to be very worried, anxious, and stressed because I was an event producer! Event production is among the top 5 professions that experience the most stress in the US. And when I say events, I mean major events, like 5K’s, large-scale community events, and conferences with anywhere from 1,000 to 30,000 guests. 

I had to deal with booths, vendors, fireworks, bands, stages, sound, DJs, bands, and the list goes on and on. These events would take months to plan with hundreds of small moving parts.

But, do you know the one memory I have of all these events? It wasn’t the feeling of success from putting it together, the joy and happiness our guests felt at the event, or the extraordinary team effort it took to execute it. 

No- what I remember the most was the absolutely debilitating stress migraines I would have during and after the events.

Imagine, I’d spent months planning these events, hundreds of hours, and I wanted everything to go perfectly “as planned” but how realistic is that standard of perfection in anything in life?

The truth is, perfection is an illusion, and in my case, stress was the byproduct. 

And it wasn’t until I became completely fed up with how stress made me feel (how SICK it made me) that I faced one of my greatest fears:

Settling my insanely busy mind with meditation. That’s right, you and I have more in common than you ever imagined.

When I started, I quickly realized I’m not “a natural” at this. My mind would continuously interrupt but I knew I had to press forward if I wanted to overcome my challenges naturally. 

Little by little, my mind started to listen when I’d ask it to give me space and wait until I was done meditating. I noticed the positive effects of meditation amplify every time I practiced.

Today, I still battle with stress and anxiety, just like everybody else, but I no longer face those brutal and debilitating migraines. I can safely say, meditation changed my life, and it could change yours too!

Relax & Refresh with my
FREE 5-Minute
Guided Meditation