Season 2 – Welcome Back!

Listen to this quick and kind welcome from host, Marly Q. She shares why she took a two year hiatus from podcasting after having a baby and facing the challenges of being a new mom of two boys during a global pandemic. This episode models and emphasizes the importance of making Time to be Kind to yourself. Now that she’s done filled her own cup, Marly Q is back making Time to be Kind with YOU, sharing inspirational stories, insights and skills we can all master to elevate wellness and the world through kindness. You are invited to join our global community called Kind QREW and engage with Marly Q after each episode.

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It’s Time to be Kind with Marly Q

“The time to be kind to ourselves, each other, and the world is now.”

Listen to this Episode and …

  1. Find out why Marly Q stopped podcasting for 2 years and why she’s back!
  2. Learn there’s a national holiday called Random Acts of Kindness Day!
  3. Discover that you are a PARKer (acronym revealed in the episode)!
  4. Be invited to join our global community of PARKers spreading kindness worldwide!

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Do you know what day it is? It’s National Random Acts of Kindness Day! The perfect day to launch season two of Time to be Kind with Marly Q. You ready? Let’s go!


Thank you for making Time to be Kind with Marly Q! This is Episode 30 and the official launch of season two! I can hardly believe it’s been two years, a little over two years if I’m honest, since I’ve sat behind this podcast mike, I’d be lying if I wasn’t intimidated. But if you remember our first episode was overcoming self doubt. So I re-listened to that one and that prepared me to re hit, start and record this small episode to just re-welcome you!


If you’re brand new to my world high, you are a PARKer!

A PARKer is a Person who Performs Acts of Random Kindness.


If I know anything about you listening, whether you’re brand new to my world or you listened in the past, you’ve somehow connected with me through the internet, magical powers, You’re here right now and I know one thing about you, you are a person that Performs Acts of Random Kindness that makes you a PARKer and my kind of people, my kind of people are united in this global community that I call my Kind QREW.


We have a private facebook group. If you’re not part of it yet, I invite you to join. I will include the link in the show notes. For sure. So please engage with us there after each and every episode and SAY HELLO and any of your takeaways or your takeaways from each episode, we’d love to hear it.


Where have we been? Where have I been the past 2.5 years? Spreading kindness. But to myself, what I’ve been doing is actually making time to be kind to ME. I’ve been practicing what I came on here and even created this podcast to preach the importance of making time to be kind to yourself to each other and to this world that we all share.


And what I realized very quickly, 29 episodes into season one of Time to be Kind with Marly Q is that it’s a lot of work to keep up a podcast and put out weekly episodes and promote the podcast and build the community.


And I don’t want to blame my having a child and I don’t want to blame the fact that I had a baby as to why I had to put my podcast down and put it in the shelf, so to speak for a little while. But if I’m being really honest, that’s a big part of it.


I grossly underestimated how difficult it was going to be to transition into becoming a mom of two baby boys during a pandemic while quarantine. it was, it was just not something that I was prepared for, I guess even though I did have my second child in august and we had episodes all through, I think october the end of october. So we did plan ahead, right? And I was like, oh, two months into it, I should be fine, I can, you know, can start getting back to work.


And that was not the case at all. And I was growing just so frustrated with not being able to make any progress, not just with my podcast, but even in recreating my business, which I had lost as a result of the pandemic, I just didn’t have any energy or creative brain power to focus on any of my own projects.


So, I really intentionally decided to put it off to the side until I can come back from a place of energy richness when I can come back to the mic and make time to be kind to you, my beautiful listener right now, a beautiful PARKer listening, from a place of I’m here to serve not, I need to show up because I created this thing.


And I said, I was going to, you know, do this every week where it became more of a chore and and and and another thing on my plate rather than it being the plate and an opportunity for us to hold space for the plate.


The plate that each one of us put so much on each and every day, right? We need to create intentionally the time and the space to take care of the plate.


So that’s what I’ve been taking care of the last 2.5 years, really transitioning into becoming a mindful mom of two kids and re creating a business from a place of alignment with, with my priorities and where I am in my life now. and also that is aligned with my energy right? And the time that I have to give again given my priorities.


So all behind the scenes, I have been doing a lot of healing work and a lot of recreating work. I’ve been on my own self care retreat and now that I’ve filled my own cup, I am ready to come back and share from the cup that’s overflowing with all of you.


So I’m really excited, not just for season two with some incredible and inspire interviews that I have to share with you, but I’m also excited for some solo episodes with just You and I where I want to come on here and make time to just share some of my own stories and life lessons with you in a simple, straightforward ways where you can implement some strategies, right? Some practical skills that we can practice and master in our life in order to elevate our own sense of wellness on a daily basis.


Really looking forward to spending this time with you. Thank you for making time to be kind with me today. Let’s keep the conversation going over on our private facebook group again. If you haven’t joined us yet, the link is in our show notes, visit MarlyQ.com/30. The number 30. Again, that’s MarlyQ.com/30 for the episode number. Thank you so much for making Time to be Kind with Marly Q. See you next time!







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