My Someday is Now with Kim Walsh Phillips

My Someday is Now

If you’ve been waiting for “someday” to go all in on your dreams and goals, today’s short episode may be the spark that inspires you to decide “my someday is NOW”! Join Kindness Influencer and Podcast Host, Marly Q, plus special celebrity guest, Kim Walsh Phillips, an MBA-free self-made millionaire who was recently named #475 in the Inc. 5000! Kim is the founder of Powerful Professionals and author of multiple best selling books including her most recent book, The Shift: Scale Your Business and Multiply your Wealth Without Sacrificing You. This brief conversation is filled with wisdom and practical take-a-ways from entrepreneurship and parenting to simple ways we can create a culture of kindness at home and at work, even if you’re super busy!

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“Kindness is lighting someone else’s torch with your own inner flame.” ~ Unknown

Listen to this Episode and Discover…

  • You can be a successful entrepreneur and present parent (just not at the same time)
  • The 1 question you want to ask yourself (and your kids) at the dinner table, everyday
  • You can stop sacrificing your time, family, and health grinding 24/7 to grow your business
  • How promoting a culture of love and kindness at work enriches lives and your business
  • 3 ways you can spark kindness, connection and community at work, even if you’re super busy!

About Marly Q:

Kindness Influencer, Leadership Trainer, and Community-Builder on a mission to create a kinder world for over two decades. Through her podcast, she invites listeners to make “Time to Be Kind” each week to receive a spark of kindness, connection and community.

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About Our Guest:

Kim Walsh Phillips is the founder and CEO of Powerful Professionals, a business coaching and education company. She’s a bestselling author and has been named “#475 in the Inc 5000” for having one of the fastest growing companies in America. Kim has spoken on stages around the world, co-hosts a top business podcast with American Idol Season One Alumni, Justin Guarini, and has worked with some of the biggest names in business, including Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank and Harley-Davidson.

Connect with Kim Walsh Phillips

New Book: The Shift: Scale Your Business and Multiply your Wealth Without Sacrificing You. https://theshiftbookbonus.com/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/KimWalshPhillips
Instagram: https://instagram.com/TheKimWalshPhillips
Website: https://powerfulprofessionals.com

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00:00 Marly Q

Someday I’ll turn my purpose into a real business. Someday I’ll take that dream vacation with my family. Someday I’ll start a podcast, write a book, and host my own events. If you are waiting for someday, today’s episode might just be the spark that inspires you to finally decide my someday is today!

00:35 Marly Q

Hello, and thank you for making Time to Be Kind with Marly Q. Have I got a special treat for you today PARKers. Our special guest today is a celebrity. She’s one of the most impressive business women that I have personally met in the past two years. Some of the biggest names in business, including Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank, Dan Kennedy, my friend Mike Mccallowitz, who’s the author of Profit First, and so many others call her their secret weapon behind the scenes. This woman has spoken on stages around the world, including Dubai, Moscow, London, and all around the US. She is the co-host of one of the top running business podcasts, and she’s also the author of multiple best selling books, including her latest brand new book called “The Shift Scale Your Business and Multiply Your Wealth Without Sacrificing You”. I’m talking about the Founder and CEO of Powerful Professionals. Welcome to the show, Kim Walsh Phillips.

01:30 Kim Walsh Phillips

Hello. Thanks so much for having me, Marly. I can’t wait for this conversation.

01:35 Marly Q

Yes,  you know I said someday, when I relaunch my podcast, I’m going to invite Kim Walsh Phillips to be a guest on my podcast. Someday I’ll do that. I need to get a lot more episodes out. I need to make sure I have a bigger audience. I need to do a lot more. But someday I’m going to ask this incredible woman to be on my podcast.

01:57 Kim Walsh Phillips

And guess what? My someday is today.

02:00 Kim Walsh Phillips

That’s right. Yay. And I’m coming to you right now from the Bahamas. That’s what’s behind me. I don’t know if you can see that at all, but we are. Let’s see if I put on this nah. It’s not coming through. But yeah, it’s beautiful here. And I picked one afternoon that I was going to take a break and meet with important people. And you are that important person. So I am thrilled to be on here with you today.

02:23 Marly Q

Oh, I love it. And you know who else is super important people? Those listening who I call our PARKers. Do you know what a PARKer stands for, Kim? Can you tell? Our PARKers listening, in case they don’t know?

02:33 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yes. This is somebody who makes sure to make the world a better place by sharing random acts of kindness.

02:38 Marly Q

Yes, that’s correct. So, PARKer Beautiful People is an acronym for people like you, me and Kim, who perform acts of random kindness. And we use our voice and our skills and our talents and our resources to create a kinder world. That’s what we’re doing here today. Thank you for making Time to Be Kind. And let’s get right into it. Before we dive into business, I’ve got to talk to you about motherhood for a moment because you are proof, living proof to me that you can be a businesswoman, you could build your empire, you can serve at the highest level and be a present parent. Can you talk to us about how important that is for you?

03:14 Kim Walsh Phillips

It is very important. And I also know that I can’t do all the things at the same time. I cannot work and be a present parent at the same time. And a piece of advice a friend of mine had given me when I first found out I was pregnant, she was the first surgeon general for the state of Pennsylvania, Dr. Wanda Filer. And she told me, never tell your daughters. She didn’t know I would have two at the time. Never tell your baby that you have to go to work. Like never make it, that you are sacrificing time away from them in order to work. Show them from the very beginning that you are all the things you are a business owner and a mother. Not or not if, not, then, but. And that you get to go to work. You get to go make an impact. So what I’ve done since the very beginning with my daughters is enroll them into the fact that they are part of the impact that I make in the world by me going away from them sometimes and making that impact. And then when I’m with them, I’m fully present in a conversation with them. And I build those moments of intentional real time with them every single day. And some days it’s just picking them up from school and driving them home or being at the door when they walk in or spending time before bed having a conversation. It may literally just be 15 minutes of one-on-one quality time in that day, but enough time that they feel seen and heard and that they matter. And by doing that, I’m able to be all that I am without feeling like I should be doing something else at each time. And that lets me show up in a way that allows me to treat them the way they should be treated and then be more likely to treat others that way because they know that they matter.

04:53 Marly Q

Yes. And I know that by doing that, you are also modeling kindness. You’re modeling being kind to yourself and your calling and your purpose. You’re modeling kindness for them by including them in it, right? So can we talk a little bit about how kindness is a part of your life and your parenthood with your kids?

05:11 Kim Walsh Phillips

Every night at dinner, we have a conversation saying, who did you impact today? Positively impact. And we talk about it so that they are seeking those opportunities throughout the day to create a positive impact with the people in their life. It could be a teacher that they said something kind to a teacher or it could be a friend that they helped them in some way or it could be each other or it could be something they did for me. So we make that conversation part of our dinner every single night and so they not only are being held accountable to making an impact but they’re seeking ways to do it so they have something to talk about each evening.

05:45 Marly Q

Aww! They get to share. And how old are your daughters?

05:47 Kim Walsh Phillips

Ten and Twelve.

05:48 Marly Q

Ten and Twelve. So I love surrounding myself with people who are ahead of my journey, right? So that I can see. I have a two year old and a four year old and I’ve started these conversations already and I do make them part, they see myself and my husband, we’re both entrepreneurs doing our thing and I just love that. So I just wanted to start off our conversation by saying thank you for not just being a role model for me in business but also in parenthood and I just love that. So thank you. And I know that you especially don’t miss softball games and I hear you do a little DJing out there too.

06:22 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah, so that’s one of my priorities is that I’m there and present for my daughters when they play softball and their dad is their coach, but I am the DJ at the games. I do all the announcing of the players when they come up to bat, play them each their walk on song and play all the music before, during and after the game.

06:39 Marly Q

I love that. I love that. Talk about making powerful memories, right? So let’s shift over to business because your business is called Powerful Professionals. So I love it. You already have me just at the name, right? Being a powerful professional. Can you tell us more about this incredible business and how you started from just about 30 clients or so and went to what is it, like 1000 or 11,000 clients? Tell us this journey.

07:01 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah. And this is all tied in beautifully with the theme of your show. As I was going through this really painful period where I couldn’t make payroll and I didn’t know what I was going to do, I knew I needed to do something different. And I had a young baby at home and I couldn’t go out and hustle like I used to. And so I actually had to start relying upon marketing and automation and webinars to grow my company. And it started to work and I knew when I discovered like how to make it work that I wasn’t just going to learn for myself. I was learning so that I could help other people. And once I figured it out and I was able to grow my company, I sold my company and I knew my whole mission. My entire mission of life is to show other entrepreneurs how I did what I did so that they can do it too. So my whole business is built around the purpose that we are not just created to work. We are created for many things: faith, fitness, family, finances, and fun. And we need to build all of those things. We get to build all of those things into our life in a way that actually works. So my goal every single day is to show people how they can multiply their impact and income without working around the clock so they can still have time for all the other things that are important to them while they make an incredible living doing it.

08:15 Marly Q

Yeah. And how is kindness, like a part of this? Not just for the people that you serve, but also for your team, right? Because your team is super important to you. I’ve heard in your story you even had to pawn your engagement ring in order to make payroll. So I mean, if that’s not a sign of like I care about people and the kind act, I don’t know what is. right? So how is it a part of your business? How is kindness a part of your business?

08:35 Kim Walsh Phillips

There’s a few things. One is that we only have people work in their zone of genius. So we don’t, even if someone’s out of office, let’s say we don’t have somebody else jump in and work on their projects if that’s not what their strengths are. So we allow each person to show up and fully work in what they were created to do. So that’s one way. A second way is every Tuesday at our we call it Town Hall. That’s our Tuesday staff meeting. Where we share you make a difference, where we share one of our clients, what they did, the impact that that had on the world and the team members that were participating on that project so we could show the impact those staff members make. And then we also do team shout outs every week so different team members can put in notes of appreciation for other team members. And we read those aloud every Tuesday meeting. So we’re building intentional kindness into all of our staff meetings.

09:31 Marly Q

Yes. And would you say that building intentional kindness into your staff meetings, into your team each and every week is generating what I call the currency of kindness, right? Something that enriches your life and your wellness, but also brings business to your business, right?

09:48 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah. It really, It creates this culture of love and treating everybody with respect and making sure each person matters. And when you are that way, that’s who you attract to you, as we say, right? Your vibe attracts your tribe. So my whole community is filled with amazing people just like that. So, like, at one of our business retreats, you’re finding all people who are just super awesome humans who want to help other people be super awesome humans. So it’s just an incredible community that we’ve been able to create because of that culture that we have.

10:17 Marly Q

And you’re definitely embodying that because you somehow attracted my energy into your world. And I’m like, I am all about it. This is my woman. We must connect. And here we are. Thank you, universe. Just a moment to thank the universe for making this happen, right? Because it was effortless, and I’m just so grateful. I want to talk about your new book because you’re creating things all the time. You create events and programs and running your business in such a way that inspires me to streamline mine as I continue to grow. But talk to us about your book, because the shift, especially this other tagline, how to scale your business and multiply your wealth without sacrificing you, that part right there is definitely a hook.

10:59 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah, it’s my entire business model. And I talk about this book being a storybook, a playbook, and a workbook all in one. I wanted to bring it up for you. So a storybook, a playbook, and a workbook all in one. Storybook is that I’m telling you fun stories from behind the scenes so you get to see the journey, and there’s a lot of historical moments that happen, and I share those. Right? And then it’s a playbook because I give you the step by step on how you can do it, too. So every marketing strategy, lead generation, I give you every single one of my slides from my webinar, you get full scripts to use. It’s all included in the book. And then a workbook, because I actually give you exercises that you can follow in order to get done the things that we’re talking about inside. So here we go. It’s the shift, how to multiply, how to scale your business and multiply your wealth without sacrificing you. So we put it all in there, and then what’s really fun is, when you get the book, you get over $3,000 worth of bonuses, all included, that are all yours in order to make that massive impact without using more of your time.

12:03 Marly Q

You’re so generous, Kim. It just flows like you’re like, oh, this is just what I’m doing now. It is an incredible, generous offer, right? And the amount of time that you need to dedicate in order to put this together. So it’s not just another book on your super wildly successful book list that you’ve authored or co authored, but it’s really, like you said, it’s a guide, a workbook to help people get from that someday mindset to the someday is now. And I actually have a plan, a playbook and support of a community to get this going right and create that shift that we’re looking for in our life or in our business.

12:38 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah, exactly.

12:39 Marly Q

I love it. I love that I exactly get it. Because I am your people. That’s why I get it. So for our PARKers that are listening, that are interested in the book. I mean, is it already launched? Are we, where can we find it?

12:52 Kim Walsh Phillips

You can go to, TheShiftBookBonus.com you’ll be able to get the book and then you also will be able to score all of your bonus goodies.

12:59 Marly Q

I love that. And then when they’re in your world, folks, when you’re in Kim’s world, you’re going to get access to these amazing emails that will inspire you, that’ll make you laugh. My favorite part of your emails is how you close them and you put your name is already long “Kim Walsh Phillips”. She’s like no, let’s just add.

13:16 Kim Walsh Phillips

I mean, I’m extra all the time. You know that, Marly.

13:19 Marly Q

I so love the extra. I love all of the extra and I receive it. And it really does, you know, serve as a light that illuminates the path for people that are trying to build their business on their calling and their purpose, right? And my business, my calling is to spread kindness. And I will tell you and friends listening, it’s been really difficult and it’s been a struggle for me to figure out how I can build a business with my purpose, right? And using my skills. And you have been someone who has again illuminated the path for me, but has also, more than anything, been like embodiment of it, allowing me to witness and be a part of your events and your programs and what you’re doing. And it’s just such an inspiration to me and thousands, thousands of other people.

14:00 Kim Walsh Phillips

I love that. Thank you so much. That’s so kind of you. Thank you very much.

14:04 Marly Q

Yeah. So I know kindness is really important to you, too. And there’s a quote that you shared with me that I’d like to share with those listening. And if you want it’s, “Kindness is lighting someone else’s torch with your inner flame”, is this your quote? Because I haven’t heard this one before.

14:18 Kim Walsh Phillips

No, it’s not my quote. I found that online when you asked about the quote. And I love it so much because I feel like that’s what we do with what we do as content creators, as coaches, as mentors. That’s what we’re doing. We’re taking what we learn, our experience, and we’re gifting it to others so that they may be inspired, so they may see the light on the path forward. And I just loved it. I thought it embodied all that we try to do.

14:43 Marly Q

Absolutely. And I think that one of the things that I’ve learned from you, again, through observing, through following, through listening, like Clubhouse or your Instagram or your Facebook or all the lives that you do on the challenges, is the power of showing up in kindness, right? Showing up with that energy to me is so obvious, it’s so authentic, it’s received, right? So I think the power and even how you started your business, when you sold your business and started Powerful Professionals, didn’t it start with a webinar a week. Wasn’t that the story wasn’t like a webinar a week and you showed up or a webinar a day. Can you remind me?

15:21 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah, I did a webinar 119 times.

15:23 Marly Q

That’s what it was. I was like, this woman did the same webinar and showed up every week, and it was like your most profitable hour. And I’m here listening intently. Like, I can do that. I can do what we have been on.

15:34 Kim Walsh Phillips

We will say, like, how do you do that every week? I’m like, how would I not do it every week? 1 hour a week to fund all of my business. Yeah, it’s amazing. I mean, I think we sometimes get bored of things that work, and we stop doing them. But our marketing is not about fascinating us. Our market should be about fascinating our market, right? And so when we find something that works, we need to keep doing it.

15:55 Marly Q

And how do you keep doing it, even if you do get, quote, bored with the same message or the same program or the same service? right? How do you keep yourself?

16:08 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah, I find other ways to get fascination in my life besides my marketing.

16:12 Marly Q

There we go. Good. And you keep the purpose in mind that, listen, I’m repeating this not for myself. I’m repeating this for you and for new people that are listening, right?

16:20 Kim Walsh Phillips

Exactly. Exactly.

16:22 Marly Q

Yeah. And I always think of that. Thank you for sharing that, because I speak a lot at schools, and I do career days, right? Like people don’t usually have a philanthropist come in on career day, right? And I come in, I’m like, that’s what I do for a living. I’m a philanthropist, and I speak sometimes at the same school for a couple of years. And I remember this one time, I was speaking at, I think, a fifth grade class, and I was sharing my Kindness is Your Superpower story and et cetera. And a boy in the class raised hand, he’s like, I heard this story before. You’ve been here before. You always share the same story. That’s what he said. And I stopped and I looked. I’m like, yes, thank you so much for remembering that. You know, I do share the same story, and I have a TED Talk about it called Kindness is Your Superpower. I will link it in the show notes. And I do share the same story over and over again because it’s not about me and my story and how great I think it is. It’s about the act of kindness and how a simple, so simple and totally free act of kindness had the power to shift, to create a big shift in my life and set me on a path that I’m on here today, right? So repeating the same message over and over again, thank you for doing that, for modeling that, and go find other things to keep you the new and variety do it yourself. Thank you for that.

17:35 Kim Walsh Phillips

Yeah, for sure. I love it. I love that story. That was great, Marly.

17:39 Marly Q

Thanks. So, my beautiful friends, I hope that you enjoyed this time that we spent with Kim. Help me say thank you to Kim Walsh Phillips and give her a virtual hug all the way from Bahamas, from Miami to Bahamas. Big hugs to you and safe travels back home. I know you live just outside of Atlanta, back with your family. Thank you so much for what you do every single day to spread kindness in this world. Kim.

18:02 Kim Walsh Phillips

Thanks for having me. It’s such a pleasure to be with you and all the PARKers, too.


Thanks. All right, my beautiful friends, so if today you got that spark of Kindness, Connection and Community to inspire you to make today your someday, we want to hear about it. If you’re listening on Apple, go ahead and rate and review. If you’re on YouTube, subscribe so you don’t miss any of our episodes spotify, you can rate us five stars. And if you are not a part of my Kind QREW yet, make sure that you click the link in our show notes to join our Kind QREW. It’s our private Facebook group. We have well over 300 people from all over the globe. Our PARKers are people who Perform Acts of Random Kindness, who together each and every week, are making Time to Be Kind. Thank you for being that spark. Visit MarlyQ.com forward slash this episode number for all the transcription, the show notes and the links to connect with Kim and get her book today. Thanks for making Time to Be Kind. See you next time.

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